Friday, June 10, 2011

I-TWEET (3): AREVA's Decontamination System A Joke!; Illegal Work Environment Created by the Nuclear Industry; Relationship Between Nuclear Capital and the Pharmaceutical Industry; No Apology of Whatsoever from the Nuclear Giants- Toshiba, WH, and Hitachi GE

Here's a part 3 of our past tweet collection. I added some comments and sources that I couldn't include in my tweets.

AREVA's Decontamination System….Such A Joke!: Money-hungry nuke company AREVA is lending the decontamination system to the crippled Fukushima plant at huge sum of cost. AREVA has been criticized for increasing cases of leukemia at their reprocessing plant, where it supposedly uses perfect filters that clean radiation. Even the US NRC is suspicious of their technologies. [Tweeted on 6/4/2011]

The world biggest nuclear company AREVA (headquarter in France and affiliated with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) has been revealed their crooked businesses by European scholars and Greenpeace. They lend their decontamination system to the Fukushima Daiichi plant charging ridiculous 200,000,000 yen per 1 ton of contaminated water (yes, per a ton)!! There is acheaper and much more reliable technology already existed in Japan. I can't stand that a nuclear company makes more profits from nuclear accidents! If the government has such money, it must be used to victims and survivors at the 311 disaster and evacuees in Fukushima. The government should cancel the agreement with AREVA immediately.


"The process a French firm will use to clean Fukushima's radioactive water has been blamed for a leukemia cluster in France and for polluted beaches and irradiated waters from the English Channel to the Arctic Sea……"

[MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY] Whereabouts of 65,000 Out of 270,000 Nuclear Plant Workers Are Unclear. Nuke Industry Does Not Know Whether They Are Alive or Dead. It has been a daily practice for workers to take off their dosimeters when it reaches the maximum level on the job, and workers continue their work at the over-the-limit radiation level. Another shocking practice is that they are often expected to report lower amount of exposure dose on the record. Why? Because they aren't got a job once reached a max level! This is an absolutely illegal working condition, and these temp workers' human rights have been widely ignored for so many years at nuclear power plants. [Tweeted on 6/1/2011]

Nuclear power business cannot be maintained without sacrifices of human beings. I feel shame that I did not know about this fact before the Fukushima accident. It totally made me cry by watching these people who engage in day labor at nuclear plants on this video. Whether there is an accident or not, the existence of nuclear power plant itself is a sin. Please check this documentary (about 10 minutes in Japanese).

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Plans to Authorize New Medications to Help Expel Radioactive Materials Such AsPlutonium from Body…Profits are going to Sumitomo, led by Yonekura from the Federation of Economic Organizations, and Nihon Medi-Physics Co., affiliated with GE(!). Its effects and side effects are still unknown. [Tweeted on 6/7/2011]

According to EX-SKF's blog, these medications are only effective when taken right after such radionuclides as Plutonium are taken into bodies. Plus, its side effects are severe. Also, this another blog has links to some reports on the medications. I don't know much about pharmacology, this is definitely shady. If something to be done to protect as many people as possible, what is most important is to closely monitor and report food contamination by expanding public health centers and to conduct internal exposure check-ups in wider area. By refusing these intervention, the government shockingly easily authorizes a go to this new medication that can promise some profits to corporations……this is absolutely unacceptable. The worst thing is that the profit indirectly goes to the very culpable company GE through Nihon Medi-Physics. A SICK WORLD!!!

Retweet @kamitori Boycott Hitachi and Toshiba products!! RT @hosriki When do Hitachi and Toshiba learn a lesson? @Reuters_co_jp Hitachi and Toshiba bid for building nuclear plants in Lithuania. [Retweeted on 6/1/2011]

The Fukushima catastrophe does not have any effect on the Nuclear Industry?? These companies are still fearlessly continuing their marketing efforts in the world. I absolutely boycott any products by Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and Sumitomo unless they decide to stop nuclear business one day.


"The Energy Ministry said in a statement the new bids were from an alliance of Japan's Hitachi Ltd. and General Electric Co, and Westinghouse, a U.S.-based unit of Japan's Toshiba……The proposals are being assessed and the strategic investor shall be selected this summer."